Volunteers are truly the heart of the organization, providing an invaluable service to our staff and guests. The Rocky Mountain Regional VA Fisher House is fortunate to benefit from the time and talent of our local community. We can support corporate groups, scout projects, students needing volunteer time for graduation or individuals wanting to help out in the community; whatever you reason, our house would be happy to find the right volunteer fit.

Types of Volunteers

There are two “types” of volunteers at the RMR VA Fisher House, providing ample opportunities for those who want to support the house.

Regularly Scheduled Volunteers

(Full Time) Volunteers adhere to a defined & scheduled time commitment. Regular Volunteers provide a constant, regular friendly face around the house.

Occasional (Part Time) Volunteers

Volunteer as needed or when available

  • Meal Preparation for guests
  • Special Events & Functions: Volunteers (scheduled & assigned in advance)
  • Specific Skills Volunteer: Evaluated & utilized on an “as needed”, case-by-case basis
  • On-call: Any volunteer willing to be available for ad hoc or unexpected needs

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at the RMR VA Fisher House. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Meal Preparation (Scheduled, prepared on or off site)
  • Routine Gardening & Landscape Maintenance on the property
  • Special Projects – Holidays & Events Decorating ~ 8-10x per year
  • Special Projects – Grounds keeping / Landscaping 4x per year
  • Stocking / Organizing Kitchen Pantry and Storage Spaces
  • Shopping and Errands at Local Stores
  • Administrative Tasks & Support / Assistance to the Manager
  • General Housekeeping chores
  • Special Skills: Baker, Seamstress, Shopper

Guidelines For Providing A Meal:

  • Contact the house to schedule a day that works best and work with staff to develop a menu.
  • Most volunteer groups are between 4-8 people. Sometimes there are only a few house guests present, therefore smaller groups are better. The group or individual signed-up to provide a meal must provide all of the food for the meal.
  • We do not judge the success of a meal based on the number of guests present. Guests who do not attend are aware of leftovers in the fridge.
  • Everyone participates in clean up.
  • Guests will be notified about meals or events through a variety of in-house communications.
  • If you have not provided a meal before please contact the Fisher House Team for a brief orientation of the kitchen and the meal process.

Volunteer activities occur during staffed business house. Please contact us to get more information about all the opportunities at the Fisher House.

For Inquires about volunteering call the RMR VA Fisher House at (720) 723-7683

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