Volunteer At The House

The Rocky Mountain Fisher House is fortunate to benefit from the time and talent of our local community, averaging over two thousand hours of volunteer activity per year. 

Types of Volunteers:

  • Direct Service: volunteering to participate in approved programs and activities with and for the guests at the house under Rocky Mountain Fisher House staff supervision.
  • Indirect Service: volunteering to act as a “public relations ambassador” to the community at large by informing friends and neighbors about our mission, our “home away from home” program as well as the role the community can play in assisting this program.

Ways to Volunteer:

Regularly Scheduled Volunteers
Volunteers adhering to a defined & scheduled time commitment


  • Providing routine administrative tasks to support the house manager
  • Doing inventory in the kitchen pantry
  • Reorganizing the refrigerator, pantries and storage areas 
  • Shopping for basic supplies and re-stocking them

Occasional Volunteers
Volunteers who attend specific events or functions or are on-call for unexpected needs.


  • Hosting and providing a house meal for guests (our most popular volunteer activity)
  • holiday decorating/hosting/coordinating a theme day or special event
  • Grounds keeping and clean-up days;
  • Assisting with special functions on Veteran’s Day or fundraising events (through our local 501(c)(3) non-profit group, The Rocky Mountain Fisher House Foundation.

Note: Most volunteer activities take place Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM, as these are the hours in which the Rocky Mountain Fisher House is staffed. From time-to-time there may be exceptions for volunteer opportunities outside of these hours.

If you would like to sign-up to cook or bring dinner for our guests at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House please click on the “meal train” link above.

Meal train is our community calendar for dinners.  You will see what dates are available and which are already taken when clicking on the link. Dinners are during the week from 5pm to 7pm.  

Providing Dinner:

  • Most volunteer groups are between 4-8 people.  Sometimes there are only a few house guests present for dinner, therefore smaller groups are better. 
  • The group or individual signed-up for the dinner must provide all of the food for the meal. 
  • We have a fully equipped kitchen so how you prepare the food is really up to you and your group.  Some groups bring food already fully prepared, some prepare it at the house and some bring part of the meal and finish it at the house.  
  • At least one member of your party needs to arrive at the house by 5pm to be let into the house by a staff member. 
  • Dinner is served to the guests from 5:30- 6:30pm
  • The house guests typically spend most of their days at the hospital with their loved one and some do not get home in time for dinner.  
  • We do not judge the success of a meal based on the number of guests present at dinner. Guests who do not attend dinner are aware of leftovers in the fridge. Nothing ever goes to waste.
  • The guests who are home for dinner enjoy it when the individual or groups, who are providing dinner, stay to eat with them.  Everyone participates in clean up.
  • If you have not provided a meal before please contact the house manager for a brief orientation of the kitchen and the dinner process.

Guests will be notified about the meal or event through a variety of in-house communications. However, please understand that our guests have very spur-of-the-moment lives while staying with us at the Fisher House. Someone may intend to come to the meal and then be called suddenly to the hospital for an emergency. The value of your time and service to our families is appreciated no matter what. Please know that all guests will benefit, even if they are not able to join you for the meal. 

For inquiries about volunteering at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House

Contact Jim Dingfelder
Email: Jim@denverfisherhouse.org


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