It is really wonderful to know that the VA offers support to the family of veterans through programs / resources like the Fisher House.  It is extremely helpful by reducing the financial burdens that medical treatment and hospital stays can create. Having one less thing to stress about provides some calm amidst the myriad of other emotions. 

Before coming out to visit, I was extremely worried about my mother.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I first got to the Fisher House, but it was not long before I realized that even though she wasn't home, she had a community of support there. I kept thinking about how different it would be if we were at a hotel - lonely, isolated, maybe harder to be positive or encouraged. At the Fisher House, people checked in on each other, asked how loved ones were doing, and talked about what they were going through. I really believe that the atmosphere, community, and support that she has at the Fisher House played a large role in helping her to stay positive, encouraged, and supportive. I think it also helps her to feel less alone...in the sense that many there understand what she is going through or empathize because they have a family member going through something similar. As the family member, I felt all of this too. I was really happy to be there and to connect with others in a way that would not have happened at a hotel. 

I appreciate the opportunity to have stayed at the Fisher House while being there for my mom. 

—Kisha Ratliff, Guest at Rocky Mountain Fisher House

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