Rocky Mountain Fisher House Eligibility Requirements

Who Is Eligible To Stay At Rocky Mountain Fisher House?

Guests of the Rocky Mountain Fisher House must be a family member, friend or caregiver of either an Active Duty service member or Veteran.

The majority of our guests have a loved one who is a patient at the Eastern Colorado Healthcare System’s VA Medical Center.  However, Veterans and/or Active Duty personnel may be eligible to stay if accompanied by a caregiver or if undergoing extended outpatient care. Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please call the House Manager for more information.

Eligibility and Criteria for Guests:

  • Guests must live at least 50 miles away from the Eastern Colorado Healthcare System’s VA Medical Center. 
  • Guests must be visiting a Veteran or Active Duty Service member who is being hospitalized at the Denver VA Medical Center.  
  • Guests of Veterans or Active Duty Service members hospitalized in a community hospital may be eligible if the care is being coordinated by the VA. 
  • All guests must be medically stable and be able to care for themselves independently.
  • Guests must have a permanent address.
  • Only one room can be assigned to a family.  However, exceptions may be made in hospice or imminent death cases.
  • Only four people are allowed per room at one time (regardless of age/size)
  • Rooms are assigned based on availability, yet some priority situations may exist.

Applying to Stay at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House:

  • A consult (referral) is REQUIRED for consideration of accommodation at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House.
  • Download the Referral Form here.
  • Please have your VA provider (Social Worker, Case manager, RN, Physician) place a consult in the Veteran’s or Service Member’s chart and a Fisher House staff member will contact you.
  • There is no charge to stay at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House.
  • There is no time limit on staying at the Rocky Mountain Fisher House.  Guests are welcome as long as their loved one is being hospitalized.  Check-out is expected on the day of the patient’s discharge.

Service Dogs:

Service dogs are welcome at Rocky Mountain Fisher House, but the service dog must be the guest’s dog. It cannot be the Veteran’s or Active Duty service member’s unless the Veteran or Active Duty service member is staying at the house.  

Individuals with a service dog must contact the Rocky Mountain Fisher House Manager prior to check-in. Only one service dog per guest is permitted. 

Service Dog Rules: 

  • The service animal must be in a harness, on a leash, or tethered and under control of the handler at all times. The service animal may not be left in the Fisher House unattended for any period of time.
  • The handler must provide water, food and elimination breaks for the service animal as needed.  Fisher House staff, volunteers or contractors are not permitted to care for, supervise, or assume responsibility for a service animal while the service animal is on VA property. This includes boarding or kenneling the service animal. 
  • If the service animal eliminates its waste inside the Fisher House, or other area on VA property that requires the waste to be removed, the handler is responsible for such removal.   
  • Service animals are restricted from communal food preparation areas including the Fisher House kitchen, except when the direct support/assistance of the service animal is required by the Fisher House guest during meal preparation.
  • The Fisher House guest must provide documentation that the service animal has a current rabies vaccine and the core canine vaccines required by state or local law.  
  • The service animal must be controlled and well behaved at all times. Examples of the service animal not being in control include: barking that is not brought under immediate control by the handler and jumping on individuals or furniture.
  • The service animal must be housebroken and trained to eliminate waste in an outdoor area. 
  • The Fisher House guest will be responsible for any damages to Fisher House property caused by the service animal. 
  • The service animal will not pose a health or safety risk to patients, visitors, VA staff or other employees, or other service animals. In determining whether an animal poses such risk, VA staff will make an individualized assessment based on objective indications to ascertain the severity of the risk. Examples of such indications include but are not limited to: external signs of aggression such as snapping, biting, growling, or lunging, or external signs of disease or poor health such as visible parasites, diarrhea, or vomiting. 
  • Fisher House guests who do not strictly adhere to the guidelines related to service animals will be asked to remove the service animal from the Fisher House. The Fisher House guest may also be asked to leave the Fisher House and seek alternative accommodations.

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