Marie Moll

Board Member Emeritus

Marie Moll has served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Fisher House Foundation for 20 years. She’s a widower of a 22-year veteran of the Air Force. When BRAC closed Fitzsimmons Hospital, the Denver VA hospital took over being in charge of the Denver Fisher House. Col. Scott had been involved with the House and was instrumental in forming a board of directors for the foundation. The American Legion Auxiliary was asked to provide a rep from that organization and Marie was asked to be that rep.

Marie is proud to continue as long as possible to serve our Veterans on the board. She says her age and disability limits her help, but she tries to do all she can possibly do. Marie recently spoke to a veterans group and was given a donation for the Rocky Mountain Fisher House. She has attended several Retiree Days at Buckley AFB representing the board. A couple years ago she spoke to several hundred people at an Aurora Realtors' Holiday luncheon. So many people don’t know about Fisher House and she is proud to enlighten them as how we serve our heroes and families.  Since 1998, she has done some of the grocery shopping at Buckley AFB because she is the only board member who has access to the base commissary. Considering her age, Marie hopes she will be able to see the new Rocky Mountain Fisher House be built on the new VA Hospital campus and enjoy the "fruits of her labor" on this board.

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