Annette Johnson

Board Member

Annette Johnson served in the United States Air Force in the Transportation Division, her service included Protocol duties, driving Heads of State and when not engaged in these activities she enjoyed driving 10 Tow Trucks and Tractor Trailers in Alaska. As a disabled veteran and CEO/Founder of her nonprofit organization; she has worked to improve the lives of veterans, socio-economically disadvantaged and disabled individuals for over 20 years.

Annette attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Regis University, Denver and University Metaphysics she studied Eastern and Western medicine, has attained a Ph.D., three Masters with certifications in Psychology, Communication, and Leadership, is an Ordained Minister, has a Board Certification as a Pastoral Psychologist, certified Gatekeeper. She is a life member of The American Legion; she currently serves as a Department Jr. Vice Commander, is the Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Chair and collaborates with the Veterans Admin. under the VA&R Team.

Annette lives in Aurora; is a mother and grandmother. She has volunteered her whole life as a veteran advocate and serving her community and she has been a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars for over 35 years.

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